There are more than seventy five thousand regisitered varieties of daylillies. They come in a wide range of colour, shape,  and height. Most daylilies flower in June, July and August, with the individual blooms usually only lasting 24 hours (hence the name). Some of the cultivars have fragrant flowers and can be planted near paths or in pots by doors. They are adaptable perennials which survive happily through  our winters  

Daylillies are easy to grow and need minimal maintenance and will cope with a wide range of soils . Once established they do not require watering. 

Daylillies are versatile and can be used in the herbaceous flower border, planted in large masses as ground cover or as a single specimen in pots or containers. A new range of hemerocallis was introduced in 2016, in addition to some old favourites. See our catalogue for further details.


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