Penstemon are native to North America, with 280 species, with at least one native to every sate in the USA.  In addition, there are in excess of 850 cultivars and hybrids, developed by plant breeders, suited to the UK climate. We have a wide selection of these hardy penstemon for sale, along with a small range of penstemon species.

Penstemons are a valuable late-summer perennials flowering from late June onwards. They are suited to a range of soils and aspects, but prefer a sunny spot

For some cultivars, regular deadheading throughout the summer will extended the flowering season followed by a light prune during the autumn. Pensatemon shoule be pruned back to the new growth in the Spring. Autumn pruning may kill the plant. 

Flowers range in colour from white through to dark purple and are generally pastel shades or red.  

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